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Curated Gift Boxes and Unique Treats & Toys

Memories that customers will share! 


Personalized Service from an Industry Leader

Custom options and special pricing


Delight Your Dog Owning Customers

Over 90 million US dog parents


Treat Better

Charm the booming population of dog parents with welcome and loyalty gifts they won't forget. Premium artisan-quality goods from socially responsible indie brands.  

PupJoy for Business PupJoy for Business

Dogs Are Family

$72B is spent by 90M U.S. dog parents annually. 64% of us buy our pups holiday gifts, 45% give birthdays gifts too, and 53% of our dogs sleep in our beds. We love our fur kids! 

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Dogs Mean Business

Dogs dictate travel plans. TripAdvisor found that more than 50% of respondents travel with their pets. 37% have even skipped a vacation to stay with their dog. 

Housing choices too. About 50% of renters are dog parents, and they're the most profitable tenants. The average yearly net profit by allowing dogs is over $2,500 per unit.

PupJoy for Business PupJoy for Business
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How It Works

Delight your dog-owning customers with custom gift boxes and pawsome goodies. Artisan-quality dog goods, with custom branded options, all at unbeatable commercial prices Perfect for welcome and loyalty gifts. 


Gift Boxes

Choose seasonal selections of premium toys, treats, accessories, and more! Or... BYOB! Hand-select your own items. (Coming Soon)

Individual Goodies

Choose featured indie-quality treats and toys, packaged in cases of 24. Unbeatable pricing and optional brandable items available!

Starting at $15

Turnkey gift box collections

3 item boxes

5 item boxes

7 item boxes

Coming Soon!

Build-Your-Own unique gift boxes

3-7 items per box

choose products

branded options

Single Items
Starting at $3

Indie-quality treats, toys and more

low minimums

wholesale pricing

branded options


"Anybody that gets you anything for your dogs, you LOVE them!"  - Oprah

“Our human guests are thoroughly delighted when they receive the PupJoy box and see the joy of excitement in their dog’s eyes. Hands down a superb gift to give to our furry friends when they stay with us.”
Candice Cancino, Carmel Mission Inn
Justin Choi
“We believe it is the little things that we do for our residents that go a long way. As a pet-friendly organization, we understand that pets are part of the family, our partnership with PupJoy will enhance the customer experience for our 4-legged residents and their families throughout the year.”
Customer, Cosmopolitan Las Vegas
“Sometimes I like to indulge in a little luxury. Thanks for my @pupjoy box, @cosmopolitan_lv! 🐶🎁💕”

Broad Customer Appeal

48% of US households own a dog

Dog Ownership Growth
Dog ownership is up 29% in the past decade
44% see their fur-kids as their practice-kids
Social Media_PupJoy-1
Dog parents socially post about six times a week

Partner With An Industry Leader

#1 Customer Rated

A Pet Care Innovation Prize winner and a Pets & Money Summit Best in Show brand, PupJoy is a recognized innovative leader in the industry, dedicated to better quality, better service and built-in support for animal rescue. 

PupJoy provides premium dog goods and gift boxes to delight your customers. We work directly with responsible indie brands to deliver the highest quality, natural and organic products. All tailored to your needs, with exclusive b2b pricing.

Give Them Something To Talk About

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Delighting Dog People

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